About Steensma Novotny PLC

Serving West Michigan Since 1984

Established in Muskegon, Michigan in 1984, Steensma Novotny PLC is an experienced, local CPA firm serving area clients of all industries. From construction contractors and manufacturers to medical service providers and company shareholders, we offer our clients a full range of tax and accounting services geared to whatever financial assistance you may need.

As a small firm, our clients are our top priority, and we work to understand each client on a deeper level than most to ensure we’re offering the highest-quality, personalized service. In our efforts to provide our clients with the greatest extent of services possible, we’ve become a member of the BDO Alliance USA. This membership grants us access to the extensive resources and specialists within the BDO network, which means we can provide services typically reserved for only the largest international CPA firms in the country.

BDO Alliance USA

The BDO Alliance USA is a nationwide association of independently owned local and regional consulting, accounting, and service firms who share our dedication to the highest level of client service. Our alliance with more than 400 similar independent firms across the country means we reap many benefits in a way that’s flexible, efficient, and cost effective. Just some of the benefits of our membership with the BDO Alliance USA include:

  • The enhancement of our client services and extension of our firm’s overall capabilities
  • The expansion of both our domestic and international coverage
  • Greater technical knowledge in specialized areas
  • Access to professionals with experience in a wide range of industries
  • Access to the most-up-to-date technical information in the field
  • Participation in the latest industry training programs
  • Ability to utilize state-of-the-art, customized computer systems
  • Ability to provide our clients with key contacts and sophisticated professionals throughout the U.S.

Our Values


When you work with us here at Steensma Novotny PLC, know that you’ll never get anything but an honest answer from us. We’re here to help you make educated financial decisions for your company and in your own life. We’ve got the experience and the network to offer you any tax, accounting, or audit service out there, and we do it with honesty and integrity.


At Steensma Novotny PLC, we take pride in our high level of personalized communication. When you work with us, you’ll never get a canned, general response, and you’ll never have to wait days to hear from us either. We value quick, responsive communication, which means you’ll always get an answer or a call back from us in no time. There’s never any waiting or wondering if you’ve been forgotten – just simple, easy communication.

Specialized Service

Our CPA firm offers a great number of specialized services, individually tailored to each of our valued clients. Our membership in the BDO Alliance USA extends the capabilities of our small firm to high-level services that only the largest, international CPA firms have access to. Our partnership with BDO allows us to offer the widest, most comprehensive range of specialized services, while still maintaining the personalized, small-firm attention we prioritize with our clients.

We Understand Your Needs

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